Licensed Traders and Pawnbrokers Association of New Zealand

We are a Registered Incorporated Society working for the good of all legitimate traders in used goods.
Working to reduce theft for protection of the public.
Serving the trade with para-legal advice.
Connecting buyers and sellers with reputable dealers, auctioneers and pawnbrokers.

Our next meeting
Due to concerns around the Covid-19 virus our scheduled meeting for the 18th of March 2020 has been cancelled.
We expect to review the situation again in May, and our Treasurer will reach out to members with an update again then.

Please note the
new venue:
Jack Dickey Community Hall
174 Green Lane West

Important update

Our legal advisor Rae Nield advises after checking the status of legislation that the amendment to the Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act has been made on 29 October 2019. This is what Rae found:
  • There is no more “interest”. Instead that word has been replaced by “redemption fee”. It is a clean replacement – there is no other change to the Act.
  • This means that you may (and should) all delete the word “interest” from your documentation and use the words “redemption fee”.
  • Please train yourselves to use the words “redemption fee” instead of “interest”.
  • You can read the revised Act here. "
Thank you Rae!

Watch our treasurer Kevin Garner, explain how pawnbroking works on the Stuff news website.
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